Fundamental scientific findings about the heart's mechanics for improved cardiac diagnostics

GrippingHeart was founded on the basis of a fundamental scientific discovery on the mechanics of the heart and circulatory system. A common misconception about the heart’s physiology is that contraction of the cardiac musculature results in a squeezing motion that is responsible for displacing blood out from the cardiac chambers. Research by Gripping Heart founder S. Lundbäck and associates has shown that the outer volume variation in the healthy heart is in fact minimal and that the heart in fact operates according to principles of a special type of piston pump to circulate and auto-regulate bloodflow throughout the systemic- and pulmonary vascular system. This new mechanistic model of the heart’s pumping and auto-regulatory principles, termed the “DAPP-technology”, has had several implications for our understanding of the behaviour of the diseased and healthy heart. As a result of this, Gripping Heart has developed the “Cardiac State Diagram” to assess the dynamics of the heart in order to facilitate diagnosis and prognosis of cardiac disease.

The scientific discoveries of the heart's pumping and auto-regulatory principles

The mechanical principles of the heart's pumping and auto-regulation of bloodflow

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